Monday, October 18, 2010

our weekend

For the most part our weekend was relaxed. We decided to go to Ryan's grandparents farm in Milan Missouri. Tiny, tiny town in Missouri. I always wonder what the kids did in such small towns. I am very much a city girl. I am so used to going to less than 10 miles to a mall or to a store,but the nearest Walmart close to Milan is in Kirksville Missouri, which is 45 mins or more away. I could not imagine,but when you grow up in such a small town, you are use to things being far away.  Ok, wow, that was starting to be a post about small towns and cities. I will save that post for later. Back to the subject.
Ryan's grandfather is 92 and has had little strokes here and there and is basically ready to meet Jesus. We decided we needed to get as many visits in as possible before that time comes.
 It was a very pleasant visit. I have to say it is nice to sit on the porch and look out and just see cows and fields and not worry about  extremely fasts cars going down the parkway behind your house or the smell of factory air,but the smell of cow poop. The kids had a blast. They got to help Uncle Shane feed the cows and they got to pet a Hen that just walks around.
 Kendric's favorite part was peeing behind the house. We told him this should never happen anywhere,but the farm! LOL!
  Cadence had a real attachment to Uncle Shane. Not sure what it was,but everywhere that Uncle Shane went,Cadence was sure to go. It was the cutest thing.
  It was very nice to relax and not worry about anything. It was a beautiful day to go.
not sure about it the hen

but then decides it is ok because Uncle Shane said it was.

granny and grandad

Kaelis and daddy just  chillin
    We are going again for Thanksgiving.
   That was our Sat. We came home and went to bed.
Sun of course we went church and then came home to watch football,but was not the day for our teams. Boo!  We just relaxed.

On a Sidenote: I trasferred Kaelis to her crib last night and she only got up once. Yipee! Lets hope she sleeps through the night soon. I hated to move her away from my side,but she was growing out of the bassinett quickly. She had no room to move. Tears! getting big already.

 Hope your weekend was great.

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