Monday, October 11, 2010

weekend recap

We had a fairly busy Saturday. My mom was still in town so I was enjoying her last day here. My in laws also came on Sat for a visit. My Brother in law and mother in law had not met Kaelis yet so they came to see her and we they joined us for Kendric's football game and then the pumpkin patch afterwards. It was a great visit. They left the pumpkin patch early to drive back to Columbia, but we stayed for a little while longer and then at Kendric's request we ate dinner at Red Robbin.
  We all so exhausted that we went home bathed and went to bed.
  Sunday morning Ryan took my mom to the airport (Sadness) and then came home and we all got ready to go to church. Of course now, we rush home to watch football after church,but that is fine, especially when it is freezing out, which is soon to come.
 Overall it was a great weekend, just not LONG enough. Why o why do the weekends have to fly by,but I feel like the weeks never end.

Kendric and his mouthpeice he is fasinated with

Cousin Delaney holding Kaelis

All the cousins, (Kaelis is in the stroller in the back.) Seriously, poor Kendric with all girl cousins and 2 sisters. He really needs a boy cousin! hint hint to my Brother and sister in law.

Kendric of course doing something different.

Aw, his poses

Kaelis's first trip to pumpkin patch

first picture as a family of 5.
laso up

Grandma Clark meeting kaelis for the first time.

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Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your family is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on your new little baby. What a gem! I LOVE her name. How did you pick that? It is so creative and pretty! : )

I am sorry your Mom had to leave. They sure do make life run smoother, don't they? : )

Your son's expressions are truly adorable. What a little sweetie.