Sunday, November 14, 2010

christmas cards

It is getting to be that time a year again for christmas cards and I love picking my favorites. I order mine every year from shutterfly. You can order some here.

I love all the designs Shutterfly offers. I always order the flat photo cards. I just like the look of the stationary cards. The photo cards also have alot to choose from as well.  I have also wall calenders as well. My family lives out of town so they look forward to getting a calender of  all the happenings during the year. I also am working on a couple of photo books and have made one. I love these because I can put all my favorites in a book to always look at or give as a book. I like the way Shutterfly is so user friendly and orders are delivered pretty quick.

I look forward to picking out my Christmas

here is the card from last year, I love the colors and the design. Sorry about the small print,

This is my daughters baby book. I just uploaded pictures from her first year.

Shutterfly is giving Bloggers 50 free cards... sign up

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Jenny said...

I just ordered my 50 free cards yesterday. Totally worth selling out for!!!! :-)