Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctors appt and surgery ahead

Kaelis went for her 2 months check up today.  She weighs 11 pounds and she is 22 inches long.
 A couple weeks ago we noticed a bump above her eye. It was a little bruised so we thought she got something dropped on her head, but could not figure out when because she did not cry her hurt cry.
 We also noticed a red mark on her eye lid. I had Ryan ask the doctor about it and it was not a bump from something dropping on her eye. She has a hemangioma birthmark on top of  her eye and it is also on the inside above her eyebrow. We are going to a dermatolgist in the next couple days because if it continues to grow and her eyelid starts to cover the pupil it could cause blindness.
 We are 100% sure she will have to have it removed within a few weeks because of the rapid growth. If it continues to grow fast, surgery should be within the next week or so.
  I just want to say I do not do well with surgery, whether it is mine or someone I care for. It scares me to death,so I am a little worried,but I know everything will be ok.
  I am not sure what it is with these little girls. Cadence had to hae a helmet on for 4 months and now Kaelis has to have surgery.
  I know God will protect her and I know he knows things will go like they are suppose to.

See the bump on her left eyebrow? It looks like other one has one,but it does not.
Please pray for a speedy solution and a smooth procedure if needed. She is a strong little princess,so I know she will be great!!


Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

Keeping your baby daughter in my thoughts - saw you on SITS today.

Debbie said...

What an angel she is! I will certainly keep your family in my prayers. Remember, they heal remarkably well and fast at that age!
Came over from SITS to say hi.

"Queen" Vic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your girls are adorable. It sounds like these health issues are mere speed bumps. Thanks G-d it is not something worse! You will get through it all. Consider yourself lucky to have such angels in your life.

Christina said...

I will be keeping her in my thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

GretaLouise and JackBoyer said...

You guys are in my prayers! Breathe deep, mamma, she will do great.

The Kazmaier's said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Nicole. I didn't realize she even had one. Hopefully, it is an easy fix. Thoughts and prayers with you!