Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Thanksgiving, weekend recap

Delaney and Cadence

Ryley and Kaelis

Cadence, Kaelis and Ryley in the corner.

Aunt Hayley and cousins with kaelis

So it is Tuesday and I am just now doing the weekend recap. Busy, busy.
  On Sat Morning we got up early and headed to Milan Missouri to have Thanksgiving with Ryan's side of the family.
It was a great time to just visit and eat Yummy food.
The kids always enjoy going there because it is a farm and theylove to ride the 4 wheelers with their uncle Shane or daddy. They also enjoyed playing with their cousins Delaney and Ryley.
On Sunday it was Ryan's grandfathers 92nd birthday so we were celebrating that also. AMAZING that he is still going strong.
I love the holidays just to visit and relax and have fun.
 It was a great time.
On Sunday we went to church and heard an great sermon and then ran some errands. I went to the store(which I loath) to grocery shop.
Sunday night we enjoyed our time as a family and got ready for the short week.
I forgot to mention on top, that Friday I went to Bunco and had a blast. I love my bunco babes.

My parents are coming this year for Thanksgiving, this is the first time since I have lived here. We have not told the kids and they will be uber excited when they get up in the morning to find nana and papa here. Cannot wait!!!
More to come on that.
Have a great Tuesday

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