Friday, December 10, 2010

5Q FRiday

. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

 When I was younger, it is use to Christmas Eve and then 1 present Christmas morning,but the older I got the wiser I got. It is no fun having no presents to open up Christmas morning. Once I started having kids, my husband and I wanted them to get out of bed with presents under the tree from santa clause.

2. What is your favorite Christmas cookie (or candy)?

I love the haystacks the best, and then the wreath cookies.
 I love the candy that has a mint taste to it and has a Christmas
tree in the middle. I cannot remember the name for the life of
me right now. Wierd!

3. What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

I cannot say the worst thing, because I do not want them reading this and feeling sad.
 It just sat in my closet forever though!

4. Christmas song that you love?

 All of them! I am so bad on remembering things like that.
I just like any song related to Christmas(except the Carpenters.) So slow and boring. Sorry Carpenter lovers, just cannot seem to like the songs.

5. How many trees do you put up?

 One for right now, but I would love to put one in the playroom,bathroom and the kids room. My husband thinks I am nuts. It is a girl thing, he will never understand.


Mama M. said...

You must be my kindred spirit!! I can NOT stand The Carpenter's Christmas music...espeically "Merry Christmas Darling"...makes me want to vomit.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the follow today! My husband would be with you on the multiple tree thing...he would love one in all the rooms too!


Marie said...

Hi there,

I am your newest follower from the blog hops. So good to 'meet' you. I look forward to reading more from you soon.

Whenever you get a free moment I would love if you came by for a visit too.

Thanks so much,
The Things We Find Inside said...

Hi! I've hopped over from the weekend hop. What a great blog. I have added myself as your newest follower on GFC .
I'm off to snoop around your blog now. Please drop by and maybe follow me if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
Warmest wishes
Carol from