Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010


The ice princess ( she said)

Before Santa came
Double stroller she has been wanting for baby boy and girlie. (oringinal names)

Santa arrived

Kendric loves these hex bugs

Cadence loves the doll that looks like her. I ordered a bitty baby for her,but cancelled the order because I knew she would enjoy this one better. I got 4 sets of change of clothes and they all come with shoes. She loves shoes and when her dolls have shoes.

Kendric has been asking for a black spiderman costume forever and santa finally listened.

After Santa came

Christmas came and went so fast this year. I honestly think it was a huge blur. My parents came this year again and my sister and brother in law came christmas night. It was so great to see how excited the kids were. It gets better each year. We had Elroy the elf this year that watched the kids every move and it certainly helped the choice making. It was fun for Ryan and I to find places for him to hide. We had to get creative. It was great to have Kaelis with us this year,even thought she had no idea what was going on. I cannot wait until next year when she will be old enough to enjoy Christmas.
We did something new this year that I think we will do every year. We decided to go through our toys and give them to boys and girls who do not have any. It was great to have the kids put things in bags that they no longer wanted to play with. We had no room for our new things,so we decided this is what we are goiing to do every year. I got some new clothes so I even put some old ones to be given away.
 Our playroom looks so  much better.  Great feeling.
I think everybody was very happy with the presents Santa bought.
We are so thankful for the family we have and the time we are spending with them.
We are also thankful for the true meaning of Christmas and that we can celebrate Jesus and what he did for us.


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