Thursday, December 2, 2010

My new addiction

I am so in love with these pretzel m'ms. I had no idea what I was missing. It is the sweet and salty taste that does it. However, it does not help when I am trying to shed my last 10 pounds of the baby weight, which seems to take forever to lose. I am giving myself some slack and I will do cardio for an extra 20 mins to burn the suckers off,but it is worth it to me. I am alllowed some indulgence every now and then though.

 Ok, I need to stop writing about it, my mouth is watering...


Erica said...

Not a huge fan of the pretzel m&m's, but i think the coconut ones are too die for!!

Liz said...

You don't even know the can of worms you opened with this pretzel M&Ms photo...I'm totally addicted, and the craziest part is I'm not really a fan of chocolate.

Pretzel M&Ms are to DIE for!!