Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow fun/weekend recap

Sat. night was the first snow fall of the season and it was so cold and windy. It was almost unbearable. Ryan and I had
 went Christmas shopping out in the cold.  One of Ryan's coworkers came over and stayed with the kids. They love her to peices so we knew we needed to take advantage of that. We got it all done though. Sat. evening we out to dinner,which we hardly do anymore, so we enjoyed that and then we came home and stayed inside. Sun morning the kids woke up to excitement of seeing snow on the ground(the little that we had) and begged to outside after church. I caved and let them. They really enjoyed playing in it.

The kids playing outside with the neighbors

Kendric found the little spot with just enough snow to make a snow angel.

Sunday night we turned the fireplace and made hot choclate and enjoyed some family time.


msposh said...

Stopping by from the Tuesday hops to say hello and follow.
Have a great day!

LeeAnn said...

Oooooh snow! I have only seen snow twice in my life. :-) It looks like your kids had fun. My parents are coming this weekend to watch the kids so we can go Christmas shopping this Sunday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. haha

Eclipsed said...

Such lovely photos and it sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I'm your newest follower. Found you via SITS. I'm running a cool giveaway at my site if you're interested. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Michelle Saunderson said...

Stopping by from SITs. Sounds like you had a great weekend. That is really great you found somebody to watch the kids. Also the snow looks like fun.