Monday, December 6, 2010

update on Kaelis

I wrote a post about Kaelis and how she was going to need surgery.  After visiting a dermatologist last week we have a confirmed diagnois that is a hermangioma under the skin. Ryan and both thought she would have to have surgery,but it is treated with oral medication. Yippee! The medicine she is on is a beta blocker. Because of the risk of low blood pressure, we have to take her vitals every week to make sure her blood pressure is ok.
 Today she is at the eye doctor(with Ryan) to make sure her eyesight is good and to get her blood pressure checked.
 She seems fine as far as side effects. No sleeping alot,still wakes to up eat once a night. She is a little goofy when she takes it,but I would much rather have that than lethargic. She has to be on the medicine for 6 months. It takes that long for the hermangioma to go away on its own. Right now we are stopping the growth and then the medicine will shrink it.
 I feel there is already a difference in size. Everything seems to be going well/ We go back to the derm in a week for a check up on it.
 Daddy and her are getting alot of bonding together since he is taking her to her appts, since I cannot leave. I am a little sad I cannot be there,but I know Ryan enjoys the time with her!
  I will let you know how her eye appt went and her blood pressure.

Not sure there is much of a difference,but when you look in person,
you can see it.

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