Friday, January 7, 2011

They have arrived

                                        The doorbell rang and my neighbor so gleefully said your cookies are here. Aww shucks, just as I am trying so hard to get my belly back, these have to come. They are soo good and I will not deprive myself of these,but when you have children and a husband who eats them, it makes them go away alot faster. I put the thin mints which are mine in the back of the freezer hoping I will forget about them. Yea right! They taste better cold that is why I did it. They will not last long and I will just have to workout longer! Which ones are your favorites?


Mizzreviewlady said...

yumm. i hope they come Knocking on my door soon!

Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

I havent had GC cookies in yrs!

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Kris said...

I haven't seen the Girl Scout Cookies yet. mmm I can't wait. My husbands favorites are the Samoa's (or Carmel D Lites) mine are the peanut butter sandwich ones - the name escapes me at the moment. Come on Girl Scouts!!

Sandie lee said...


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Sandie lee

olfa said...


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Emily said...

oh yummy! Wonder when they will go on sale here!!!!

CP said...


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