Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 Month checkup

Today we had Kaelis's 4 month checkup. Everything is great. You weigh 13 pounds 8 ounces,  which is 50% your height rose to 70 percentile at 25 inches. You have had a little stranger anxiety lately. The minute Dr. Storm walked in you screamed and then calmed down once you knew mommy was holding you. I love it though that you need reassurance from me that it is ok!
 The shots were,of course not your favorite moment, but they over quickly.

The arrow is pointing to her that sticks up because she has starting pulling it and rubbing her head when she gets scared or tired. Very interesting,but cute. I love the way her hands are folded. She always has them that way.

  You are growing like you should be.


"The Mrs." said...

Love the hair and her outfit is so cute! ;)

Brea said...

Poor baby! I hate those shots :( My little man has to go in on Monday....

Cute blog!