Monday, February 7, 2011


Bugs and more bugs. Not the animal bugs,but the sickness bug. I mean the throwing up yucky awful bug. It snuck into our house again and it always seems like it is in Feburary. No sure, but it always is. Kendric got a very mild case of it and only vomited once and was fine the next day. Cadence had it today and poor thing vomited about 3 times and I think she is good now,but we will see if she makes it thru the night. I think baby kaelis had it well,but she had the diaper bug. She is a spitter upper so I am not sure if she actually had the throwing up part or not. She was so cranky and slept alot the other day that I am wondering if she had a touch of it.
  I so wish I could prevent these things. We wash our hands like crazy, we take vitamins and immune vitamins and I wipe things down,but I guess  there is so much you can do. I am just glad it is over and we can move on. I WANT SPRING!!!!!
  Today was not to bad,just want it over with. This and the cold is the top 2 things I hate about winter. I am really interested in moving somewhere where I can flip flops everyday!
  Hope everybody had a great Monday.

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I am your newest follower...Great Blog and looking forward to your blog....Please check my new blog as I learn all about blogging!!