Saturday, February 19, 2011

chucker or a keeper?

I heard this converstation on Klove this morning. They were talking about your childrens art work and whether you throw it away  or keep it.  I thought I would do a post about it. I am curious on the knowing who is a chucker or keeper.
  I will have to be honest and say I have been knowen to be a Chucker,but have begun to be a keeper. I am a chucker when it comes to little scrap peices of paper or just simple drawings,but I will keep things that Kendric did at school or something neat Cadence did at home. I have plans to frame some of them and hang in the playroom, just have not done it yet.
  Sometimes I will feel bad throwing it away because they are so excited about their "masterpeice" so I will keep it for awhile and hang it up and then eventually I will weed it out and replace it with new one.
   I know it will be neat looking back at the art work when all the kids are all growen up and their artwork is the only thing that is left from their childhood and that is why I am becoming more of a keeper,but when everything starts stacking up and there is all this paper on my counter just sitting there, I began to think about finding a home in the trash can. I do have a since of  guilt when I think that,so they sit on my counter even longer.  Since Cadence does not miss a beat, she would ask for that one  peice of paper with the purple square on it that she drew 6 months ago and it would be long gone, I decided I would get a pocket organizer and keep the work for awhile.

 Chucker or Keeper?  What are you?

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