Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 5 months

I cannot believe you are already 5 months old
you weigh 13# 8
You are sleeping better at night,but still want mommy to get up.
You take a 4ounce formula bottle and 4 ounce breast milk bottle
You still nurse,but not round the clock. You take a formula once or twice a day and then before you go to bed.
You are eating evey 2 to 3 hours still
You take cat naps,but I am working on 2 good naps. It is hard since I cannot attend to that all the time and it is not quiet during the week.
You have learned to scream and you do it really loudly. You are talking more.
You are starting to work on some teeth, but nothing has come in yet.
You love your brother and sister and they sure know how to make you giggle and keep you enertained.
you are losing some hair,but hopefully will grow in same color.
You are a very happy baby and only cry when you are hungry or tired or just need some TLC
We love you princess

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b. lee said...

awww sooo pretty! happy five months * love the dainty hat ;)