Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wordless Wed

Take it to the limit

In our small group(which we love) we are doing a study by Andy Stanley @Northpoint church. Andy is such a wonderful speaker and is just awsome to listen to.
 Take it to the limit is a video study about limits and margins and finding time for God.
Everything that Stanley talked about, I felt like he was talking about me. I work full time from home and hardly get a rest at naptime because I am doing 50 million other things,but after watching this, it really it home. I am one to never sit. I am always on the go and always finding things to do.
 I think I go way beyond my margins.
For example, Kendric plays flag football in the fall and Cadence just started gymnastics. The other day I mentioned to Ryan that Kendric should play upward basketball and try soccer and Cadence needs to play soccer,but then he opened my eyes and told me to take a step back and I was going out of the margin. With all those things, how would we find time to be with God and the family and each other. So true.
Right now we want to focus on raising our children with christ and helping them grow a relationship  with God and not worry about how many sports they can be in and how busy we can keep ourselves.
With all the business of sports and activites and the daily duties of life, we get consumed and forget about the importance of downtime and knowing your limits.
The Schedule is the most difficult to set a margin. We need to examine our schedules and figure what is causing us to go out of our margins.
Andy says in the book, that God gave us 24 hours in a day and he put a certain amount of days in each of our lives and when time runs out we seem to push aside the important things.
God gave us time,but he also knows how we are going to spend that time and he wants us to give our calenders to him and let him be in control of them.
I am getting so much fulfillment and eye opening facts with this study.
The chapter over view is:
Less is more
Quality vs. Quantity(finances)
Reordering your finances
A time to Run
Finding professional Margin
I am so looking forward to this study and I know it will change the way I think about things and the schedule I have for myself.
Do you have margins or do you exceed them?

 " I try to take one day at a time,but sometimes several days attack me at once"
Jennifer Yane

"A life spent in constant labor is a fool as to regard a fulsome obituary notice as ample reward"
George Jean Nathan

"Today,there are three kinds of people:
the have's,the have-not's and the have-not-paid-for -what
Earl Wilson

One more that hits home:
"we can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs."
Gloria Steinem

If  you are in a small group or just want a study to do, this is great. Andy Stanley has awsome sermons and studies. He is easy to listen to.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thursday and weekend recap

On Friday my  mom arrived around 830 in the morning and ot was great tp spend the day with her and the kids were uber excited.
We just hung out on Friday night. It was cold and yucky and I did not want go out in it.
Saturday was a busy day. Cadence started Gymnastics and loves it. We tried dance,but she is just not into it. That is ok with me. I like the tumbling and running and balance she will learn.
 Saturday night Ryan and I had a date night that was well overdue. We went to dinner and had an awsome conversation and then went to see Hall Pass. I have to say, it is a very good, funny movie,but at times just gross. Ryan and I gave it about 4 stars out of 5.
  Sunday (Today)we went to church and heard an awsome sermon and then came home picked the kids(they stayed home with nana) and went out to eat.

We took  this when we got home from our date!

Relax and surf Sunday

"So you also must be ready,because the son of man will come at an hour when you do not expect him. "

                                                                    Matthew 24:44

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kindergarten round up......Emotional roller coaster

 We had Kindergarten round up this past Tuesday and my nerves were on fire. I am not sure why I am having such a hard time with letting go,but I am. I have been home with him for almost 6 years and I feel like once he gets on that school bus I have no control over him anymore.
 I know he will do great and LOVE IT,and have so much to talk about,but  I will be wondering how he is feeling and if he is listening and making friends and not being a bully or is he being the tenderhearted little boy that I know,but still sticking up for himself. awww, All these feelings and we are a long way from the first day of school.
  We are sending Kendric to summer school. I was really vasilating about sending him,but came to the conclusion that it will be good for both of us. It will help him from not getting bored and it will be nice to just be with the girls during the day.
 I had someone tell me it was  just kindergarten round up and why I was a ball of nerves. Well, first it is a huge milestone forthe next stage of life and I am sad because Kendric is becoming such a big boy.
How did this happen?

Before leaving for round up(not the best pic of me)

Daddy and the big boy
   I will survive and so will he,but I am going to need a box of tissue and some drugs,but  I will survive.
   Anybody else feel this way about Kindergarten or is it just me and I am uber sensitive.


I have been seeing flowers by our house just blooming away and I get all excited because I know that Spring is here. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the greeness of the grass.
The kids playing outside for hours and coming inside all dirty and ready for a bath. Windows open and the sound of the windy coming in and the cool breeze.
Love it all.
I however do not like the fact that there is a chance of snow on Monday in Missouri and that it is 40 something out. Seriously, how can one day be 80 and I am sweating and then the next day be in the 40's and I am shivering.
How can flowers be blooming and there is a chance of snow? Really?
Hopefully it will warm up and stay warm.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 months

I cannot believe you  are 6 months old(on Monday).
You are  the best baby . You are so happy and smiles and giggles.
Not sure how much you weigh yet,but I would say around 14 pounds or more.

you are sleeping through the night, about 10 hours. Thank you Kaelis for that.
I am still nursing a little bit. I am not ready to give it up all the way. I love the bonding we have when I nurse you,but she is mostly on formula bottles.
You are working on getting some teeth,but no sign of them yet. You are chewing on everything, so I know they are trying to peek though.
You wear 6- 12 or 6-9 month clothes.
You are not rolling over yet,but I hope you do soon.
You are still not a fan of tummy time,but you are getting better.
I love the gummy smile you give us and the coos and screams you make.
You love your excersaucer and will stay about a hour in it.
Everyday you are doing something new that amazes us,
We love you so very much and thank god everyday for you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our weekend

We have been LOVING this weather. It is so nice to be able to spend hours outside again. How we longed for these days.
On Thursday I took the kids to a park near our house with a neighbor and let them get lots of energy out.

Kaelis's first swing ride. She was cranky that day so I am not sure how much she enjoyed it. It was windy too and I think she was tired of wind blowing in her face.

Cadence went to our neighbors birthday party and it was  a princess party. they all wore their princess dresses. My neighbor made these cakes. They were so neat.

Our neigbor bought this bounce house for their daughter and all the culdesac kids are obessed with jumping in it. It wears them out!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Relax and surf Sunday

If you believe, you will recieve whatever you ask for in prayer.

                                                  Matthew 21:22

Have a great Sunday

Friday, March 18, 2011

5Q Friday March 18

1. Have you ever testified in court? For what?


2. Do you still have your wedding dress?

Yes,it is at my parents house. Not sure what the plan is it with it,but I know there is a plan. Maybe Cadence or Kaelis will want  to wear it! Yea right.

3. Is there a special place you like to go when you're happy, sad, stressed, etc.?

   Target! Really I like to go sit on the deck and look at the woods  with a glass of wine and just reflect. Really though, Target is a great place for all moods.

4. If you have kids, do they sleep with you? If you don't have kids...will you let your kids sleep with you when/if you have them? Noooo, they do not sleep with us,but sometimes they find themeselves in our bed and I am to tired to get up and put them back. I kinda like it right now because their will be a day when they will not have anything to do with me or my cuddles.

5. Do you watch late night TV? Hardly. I can never stay awake to watch it. I try,but end up falling asleep. If there is something I want to see I just DVR it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan with love

As I keep updated with the events in Japan, my heart goes out to them. I would love to go on a missons trip to Japan and help out. So many lives are ruined and so many lives taken away. It just crushes me. I am participating in For Japan with Love moment of silence tommorrw. I know alot of us do not have much,but donating just a little may go a long way.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordless Wed


This word Hungry is the word I hear a 1000 times a day from Kendric. I really cannot believe how much this kid to eat. Yes, he is a boy,but my goodness. Today I made grilled cheese for lunch and he had 2 of the them(whole sandwiches) 2 bowls of chips and grapes. Seriously? I have to go to the store twice a week now to keep up with him and Ryan. The kid can eat, however when he does eat, he is so slow. He is always the last one to eat and we are always waiting on him to finish.
  I am not real excited about him becoming a teenager and eating everything we have in sight inone day. It will happen. I loath grocery shopping to begin with,but it is worse when I see how much my bill is,but by Friday we have an empty fridge. It is crazy. When he wakes up in the morning he wants to know what is for dinner! I do not even know what is for dinner that early. Really?
 Anyway, I just think it is nuts how much Kendric can eat. I just want to know if your sons(if you have one) are the same way. They have to be right?
  Goodness!  Have a great Tuesday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

5Q Friday March 11th

1. Do you know what your REAL hair color is?

It is dark brown. I have not colored it since I was in highschool,but I am find little peices of  SILVER hair so I know coloring it is coming right around the corner.

2. Do you plan ahead for summer, or fly by the seat of your pants?
    Since I work only during the school, I like to just fly by the seat of my pants. I love flexablity. If we want to take a quick trip or drive we will. We plan on trip to my parents house every summer,but we do not have it planned it and won't until we right before we decide to go.

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?


4. Do you get offended by not receiving thank yous?

  no, I know people appreciate the gift or gestures. I just know it
is hard to always remember. I know I am guilty of not sending out
Thank yous at times. I do get peeved when I let somebody over
in traffic or let somebody out infront of me and do not a thank you,
That urks me more than not recieving a thank  you from a gift.

5. How did you meet your best friend?
    If I wanted to be all sappy and score some
points I would say I met HIM(my husband) on the internet,but
my best friend I met in middle school and we have been friends ever since. We had our fights over guys of course and had a love, hate relationship at times,but when it is all said and done I love her to peices. I miss her and do not get to see her very often,

Friday, March 4, 2011

5Q Friday

Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?

no, but everything else. Groceries, wallet, keys, phone. However, somedays I feel like saying goodbye and walking away. Shhh.. I did not really say that.

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)

 LOL!  Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend who took me off roading for a first date. Nice and classy guy!

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)

 A spider coming down the web and landing on my head or face when I am sleeping. I am itching and freaking out about as I write this. yikes.

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?

   I hated confrontation when I was in highschool and when I was younger,but now I deal with it as it comes. Somethings just need to be dealt with. I would love to run far far away from it,but that will not help me out. I usually never cause it,well, maybe sometimes. hehehe.. I would rather just cry about it and move on.

5. Wood floors or carpet?
  Carpet in living room and bedrooms,but hardwood floors in the kitchen. My feet get to cold and all the dusting with floors. The main reason... I love to vaccumm!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick em up

One pet peeve that bothers me and should not is people who do not pick up their feet when they walk. I do not  know why this bothers me,but it does.  I am walking in the store and I hear it, shuffle, shuffle. Arrr.... Seriously, boots are made for walking, not sliding across the floor. It is just the most annoying  sound ever to me. It wears out your shoes quicker,why would you want that?! I would love to turn around and tell them to please pick em up,but I don't.
    my family knows how much this bothers, so they do it more. funny!
   Here is the big topper though, another pet peeve of mine is gum poppers and that combined with the shuffle of the feet  will put me in cardiac arrest. Holy Moly!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I want to start having sponsors for my blog. I would love to advertise your business on my blog and do a giveaway and interview. Please contact me with any questions and details. I am currently looking for March and April and ongoing ones. Thank you !

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Wordless Wed

My son and his creativity