Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 months

I cannot believe you  are 6 months old(on Monday).
You are  the best baby . You are so happy and smiles and giggles.
Not sure how much you weigh yet,but I would say around 14 pounds or more.

you are sleeping through the night, about 10 hours. Thank you Kaelis for that.
I am still nursing a little bit. I am not ready to give it up all the way. I love the bonding we have when I nurse you,but she is mostly on formula bottles.
You are working on getting some teeth,but no sign of them yet. You are chewing on everything, so I know they are trying to peek though.
You wear 6- 12 or 6-9 month clothes.
You are not rolling over yet,but I hope you do soon.
You are still not a fan of tummy time,but you are getting better.
I love the gummy smile you give us and the coos and screams you make.
You love your excersaucer and will stay about a hour in it.
Everyday you are doing something new that amazes us,
We love you so very much and thank god everyday for you.

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