Friday, March 25, 2011

Kindergarten round up......Emotional roller coaster

 We had Kindergarten round up this past Tuesday and my nerves were on fire. I am not sure why I am having such a hard time with letting go,but I am. I have been home with him for almost 6 years and I feel like once he gets on that school bus I have no control over him anymore.
 I know he will do great and LOVE IT,and have so much to talk about,but  I will be wondering how he is feeling and if he is listening and making friends and not being a bully or is he being the tenderhearted little boy that I know,but still sticking up for himself. awww, All these feelings and we are a long way from the first day of school.
  We are sending Kendric to summer school. I was really vasilating about sending him,but came to the conclusion that it will be good for both of us. It will help him from not getting bored and it will be nice to just be with the girls during the day.
 I had someone tell me it was  just kindergarten round up and why I was a ball of nerves. Well, first it is a huge milestone forthe next stage of life and I am sad because Kendric is becoming such a big boy.
How did this happen?

Before leaving for round up(not the best pic of me)

Daddy and the big boy
   I will survive and so will he,but I am going to need a box of tissue and some drugs,but  I will survive.
   Anybody else feel this way about Kindergarten or is it just me and I am uber sensitive.

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Erica said...

We can share the box of tissues and a bottle of wine on the first day! I am so worried for Dylan and hope he adjusts well. I know he will love it once he gets used to it.