Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pick em up

One pet peeve that bothers me and should not is people who do not pick up their feet when they walk. I do not  know why this bothers me,but it does.  I am walking in the store and I hear it, shuffle, shuffle. Arrr.... Seriously, boots are made for walking, not sliding across the floor. It is just the most annoying  sound ever to me. It wears out your shoes quicker,why would you want that?! I would love to turn around and tell them to please pick em up,but I don't.
    my family knows how much this bothers, so they do it more. funny!
   Here is the big topper though, another pet peeve of mine is gum poppers and that combined with the shuffle of the feet  will put me in cardiac arrest. Holy Moly!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

gum poppers are the worst, it reminds me of a cow chewing cud. I too have silly pet peeves like people who eat loudly and when people whistle its just annoying after awhile