Tuesday, April 5, 2011

6 month checkup

Yesterday was Kaelis's 6 month check up.

Waiting for the doctor and having fun destroying the paper.
                                           You weight 15.2 and are 30% for weight,(I thought it would more than that) and you are 251/2 inches long 50%.
                                               You have only rolled over a 1/2 dozen times(which bugs me)
                                                You can sit up by yourself with help
                                                 No teeth yet,but am working on them
                                                You are sleeping through the night and wake up very happy.
                                                You love to smile and giggle and grab  your feet and play. You are such a happy go lucky baby!

Kendric passing the time by singing where is thumbkin.

Since I took a pic of Kendric, of course I had to take one of her.

Love the hugs and open mouth kisses

love her more everyday!

first pedicure

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