Thursday, April 21, 2011

7 months wowzers

I cannot believe you are 7 months already.
You are sitting up on your own now and h
holding your own bottle.
You can roll over from back to belly,but still no such luck from belly to back. I wish because you wake up in the m iddle night still because you get stuck on your belly and cannot turn back over. Oh I wish you could turn over.
You eat solids at dinner time. Still not a huge fan of them,but you will eat them.
You are napping better,but I still think it could be better.
I am still nursing you at night and early in the morning. Not willing to give it up yet.
You still  have no teeth,but they are sure working on coming in.
Please come in little teeth.
You have such a personality on you. You have a temper,but yet the biggest grin that melts hearts.
We love snookums!

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