Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sorry about the video at the bottom. They posted twice and I could not delete them. Same video.

Taking a much needed break

This is how Kaelis and I spent the time. sitting and watching
 Here is a video of Kendric trying to skate.

Our friends that are in our small group had a skating party on Sat and it was fun. I forgot to have the kids wear tennis shoes so they could wear the fisher price skates,so they had to wear regular skates. It was a workout for Ryan and I trying to keep them from not falling. I remember the days when my friends and I went skating and we chased boys and hung out for hours. Any body else remember doing that? They had the 80s music going which bough back all kinds of memories. Not sure they enjoyed it to the fullest because it was frustrating at times,but Ithink they will go back if they had the right skates on. We then enjoyed a grill out at their house. They are moving to North Carolina because of a transfer, and I have to say I bit jealous that they will not have to deal with snow or frigid cold weather and sad that they will so far away! I hope to plan a vacation to the beach to visit them someday. Thanks for the wonderful time.

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Genn said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for the bday wishes. :)
You look so cute in that picture of you and your daughter.
Your last post was cute too. Enjoyed reading your answers. Have a great night!