Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To close for comfort

My heart aches for those in Joplin Mo and the losses of so many things and people. I cannot imagine losing family members, my house, material things that mean alot to me. I just wish things like this would never happen,but it does and we can only help those that need it and pray for them as they try to heal and get things back to how they knew it,but things will never be the same  and the memories will always be lodged in the heads of the victims. It will take several months to get the city bulit back up and it is heavy on my heart to go and help in some way. I plan on contacting my church to see where they need my help and will help.
  We had a scary experince with storms and a tornado warning and had to seek cover today. As I sitting in the corner of the basement singing songs and talking to the kids, I was thinking, what if a storm really passes through, can I protect myself and my children and the children I watch? Is my house going to be stripped to the ground, are other houses and are people safe? Meanwhile, a town and hour from my house had no time to prepare and houses were stripped and lives were taken and the city was gone. I know how lucky and blessed that God protected us from this storm and I am so greatful it did not touch ground. Please donate to the Red Cross if you cannot helpin any other way. Thank you to my husband for coming home from work to help me with all the kiddos. It was quite the picture, with all seven children in a little corner, 2 babies on my lap and all the other kids on top me all cuddled against me. I had to pee and was hungry and worried. I survived though. Thank goodness!

As we were sitting in the corner, Kendric asks me if the house is going to fly up in the air with dogs and cars like on the Wizard of oz. Ihad to chuckle a little bit. Maybe not the best season to introduce the movie to them.I needed that little chuckle to take my mind of the what ifs.

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