Friday, June 10, 2011

5 Q Friday

1. How close to your childhood dreams is your life now?

  Pretty close. I have always wanted to be married and have a family and have a nice house. Ihave those. I am pretty blessed!

2. What is one must have item for the summer?
     I would say flip flops. I cannot wearing shoes and the summer is only time I can get away from wearing them. I live in flip flops. I have a few pairs of other sandles I wear to church or on a outing,but since I am at home I wear flip flops. LOVE THEM!


3. Do you have your kids stay up on school stuff during summer vacation? (Or, if you don't have kiddos, did your parents make you keep up on school stuff during summer?)
No! I love summer for the flexablilty and being able to be laid back and  have fun at the pool e veryday and play outside when it not so darn hot!
Kendric is in summer adventure right now just to prepare for Kindergarten in the fall,but otherwise no school stuff. Of course their is learning through play and helping me at the store by identifying numbers on the price or reading the letters,but otherwise it is just fun and games. My mind is on summer things.

4. Do you can or freeze fresh produce?

 None, I really do not have time right now. I so wish I did! It is on my future list of things to do!

5. Do you get ready for the day first thing in the morning?

   No, only if something is going on. When I work in the fall,yes, but summer time, whenever I feel like it! The same with the kids,however, my daughter likes to get dressed as soon as she gets up. wierd, I know.

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