Wednesday, June 15, 2011

counting my blessings

  I am counting my blessings everyday. A friend of Ryan's and I daughter passed away at the age of 16 Yesterday. She had a brain hemmorrage and lost her battle and the gates of Heaven opened up and now she is a sweet sweet angel looking after everybody. It makes me count my blessings everyday and every moment and want to give each of my angels and big and hug and kiss and tell them I love them. You never know what God has planned and sometimes you do not know why he planned this or why now....but he is in control of everything. I cannot imagine what our friend is going thur and how bad her heart is breaking,but I know that God will keep her strong and know that her daughter is a much happier peaceful home now.
Here is a picture of Lanisha, The sweet Angel.
  I just realize you cannot take anything or life for granted. You never know when God will decide he wants some roomates. Please just spend time with your kiddos and family members live today like it is your last. Please pray for Leana as she tries to mend her heart.


Canadian Coupon Mom said...

That is very hard, sorry for your friends loss. You never know when that time will come.

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