Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip to ohio 2011

Helicopter fun and Ryan and my dad got a remote control helicopter for Fathers day. They love their toys.

Park Fun

We saw ducks, baby snakes and the MAMA snake. that was fun!

Pet store entertainment with Aunt Danielle, Larosas pizza, only can get in Ohio, LOVE IT! My mom being goofy with Cadence, Kaelis was all about the big bear and checkers with papa and posing with Nana.

We had alot of fun in Ohio. We left our house at 230am and it was severe thunderstorming and it did not stop for 5 hours. It was alot of fun for Ryan who drive it in it. It was scary looking at times and it rained mostly everyday in Ohio as well, so we could not do everything we wanted to do though,but it was wonderful just being home with my sisters and parents. It always nice to get away from the normal routine. Next year we want to go to Disneyworld,but we both need a second job to pay for it. we are saving our pennies to see if that can happen!
    We had a small party for Cadence while we were there because my family did not make it up to her party at home.  It was bittersweet to leave,but we were glad to be home!

*Waring picture overload.

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