Friday, July 8, 2011

5Q Friday July 8

. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)

I am not sure. I really think it is not nessary to learn it. I feel printing is so much easier and sometimes neater and easier to read.
I hardly write in cursive anymore. I guess I am leaning more toward that it is overrated.

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone?

I use my phone and my iPad,but mostly my phone. I do have a paper calendar for my husband to see the appts and events we have going on. He is getting a smart phone soon so he will use it.

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)
 The box that has all the pictures backed up
an angel from my grandmother
my wedding ring,( do not sleep with on and sometimes I do not have it on)
I am adding a fourth one, my favorite pairs of jeans. I love them! is that bad

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?
  City, hands down!

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
 The Dugger family. I do not think there is any I would want to be the star of. I love reality shows,but do want to be on any. I would love to just visit a couple.  


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lifeinmotionlaurieanndutton said...

It would be interesting to visit The Duggar Family. Just to find out all the way they manage and i'm always amazed at how I never see Michelle even raise her voice. She just seems so calm :)