Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am excited to say I am finially member of Mops.  I have always wanted to join,but being a working mom, I could never attend the ones druing the day. The more I thought about it, I really  was not thinking it was  I  fair to just have this just available to SAHM moms.
Not sure if I was being selfish,but I just wanted to meet other moms that I could relate to. I struggle with having to work and still have envy of those moms that do not.,but am working on accepting that is what I have to do for my family and God. We could not live the way we do if I did not work.
As I was thinking of Mops and how I could be a member and still work, that is when I contacted my church and talked to them about having a evening mops for working moms.
They finally listened and they have set up an evening Mops for working moms. Thank goodness. I am really excited about meeting other working moms and being able to connect with that being in common and maybe knowing I am not the only one with envy feelings will be the right kind of medicine!
We will meet the first Wed night of the month and it is on the same night as Awana's and the class Ryan is teaching so we will all be up there at the same time. It will make it much easier.
I am greatful to have this opportuinity to connect with other moms. I have been asked if I would be a table leader. Any advice on should I be one or to much work would be great. There are other areas of needed help that I can check into as well.
I am excited and cannot wait until Sept.

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