Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sheperding a Childs heart

Shepherding a Child's Heart
We are studying this book in Sunday School and I have to be honest. It is a though book to
read and discuss. At times it makes me feel Ihave done everything wrong when it comes to parenting. It talks about parenting through the childs heart and focusing on having a tender heart and using a biblical understanding of behavior.
 Here are a few questions to reflect on:
*What is wrong with achange in behavior without a change in heart?
*Why is it so easy to get sidetracked with behavior without a change in the heart?
  I have been trying really hard to focus on the heart and using that as a guideline for parenting.
  It is so hard to just stay calm and use certain stratigies,instead I find myself getting all tense and yelling or just solving the problem myself instead of staying calm and using the heart as a guideline. I want to raise my kids in Godly manner and using God as my guideline.
 I realize that if my mood is stressed out or I am tired or or just daily factors, it effects my way of parenting. I tend to just get frustrated more easily, instead of taking a step back and maybe a mommy time out to refocus and gather my thoughts and then dealing with the situation. Anybody else feel like this sometimes.
 I think this book will really help and give me a more understanding of bibical ideas.


Liz @ said...

I am about to do a post on this book as well. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and was really convicted. Being a godly parent is tough and time consuming, but we have to do our best. :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am just getting ready to do a study on this book with my playgroup.