Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday big 1 year old

I cannot believe my sweet baby turns 1 today. It just seemed like yesterday I was in the hospital with hard contractions praying you would be born soon!

You are eating table food and we are in the process of switching from formula to milk. You are not a big fan of the milk, but everyday is getting better. You are walking around furniture like crazy and have taken a few steps. I am sure soon you will be walking all over the place. You love saying "hi" to everybody and waving. You smile all the time and are such a happy baby, We know when you need something because you fuss.
 You bring so much joy to our lives and our family and I cannot imagine our family without you. I cannot wait to see what you do next and am so greatful God chose your dad and I to be your parents.
  We love you so very much baby girl,  Happy Birthday to you.

I just cannot believe how much they change the first year.

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Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! How adorable!