Sunday, October 9, 2011


We had a great busy weekend. Friday night we went and got iPhones. I have been waiting patiently for these phones and we got a good deal on the iphone because of the iphone4s is coming out. I personally did not want to wait and I really could careless about the hd video and other upgrades. I am actually writing this post from my iPhone. LOVE IT!!!!!
Saturday Kendric had a flag football game and after that we went to a pumpkin patch we have never been for something different and it was great. Saturday night we watched the Ohio State game which started out great,but ended up not so great. Sunday Ryan had the opportunity to go a NASCAR race so he went there and I took the kids to church by myself and I have so much more empathy for moms whose husbands travel and is gone. It was a struggle to get out the door on time and check everyone in the right classrooms. Whoo... It was work. Hope everybody had a great weekend and has a great week.
If you have a iPhone I would love to hear what your favorite apps are!
not quite sure about the pumpkins
watching Kendric play football.

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