Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Being a parent

Being a parent is one of the hardest things in life (I Feel) and I challenge myself everyday to be a better parent and raise my children with bibilical ways. I find myself relying on God for disipline and strength and most of all patience. Children have such little minds and curious minds and everyday my children teach me something new. I stuggle with being patient and learning from my children and what I can teach them, and I struggle with not enjoying the small things in life and the time I have with my children. I always make sure the house is clean and things are finished and no dishes in the sink, but meanwhile there are 3 little angels wanting my attention and acting up to get it. I forget that life is to short and before I know it they will be gone.
  I pray everyday for my children and to have a Godly relationship and keep God as our foundation.
   Doing this makes me pay attention to the small things and slow down and enjoy the time I have with my kiddos and not worry what the house looks like. Who cares right? God sure does not and the kids do not, all they care about is having fun with mommy and showing me what they did at school that day.
  When the kids disobey, I always ask them what would God want to you to do? God wants you to obey your parents. This keeps me focused on being a Godly parent and staying calm and communicating with them,instead of yelling and sending them to their rooms, which I have done in the past.

  God is my disipline and I lean on him everyday.

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Liz @ said...

great post. doesn't it feel liberating when you speak from the heart? it seems that we are in the same place in life. :) i can relate!