Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas card time

One of the reasons I love this time of year is receiving and giving christmas cards. I love looking at the different designs to choose from.

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 I was looking at tinyprints and  saw some good ones. Check out the website here to see which ones you would choose. They have one picture ones to 3 or more picture cards. They have flat and  tri fold ones. So many options that it is hard to choose from. Which one of my picks do you like the best? Hope you find the one for you.

Happy Shopping.

 I thought the back of this one was very colorful and not the tradtional christmas card.

love this color combo

love the shape of this one


Liz @ said...

i love the first one... but, that's just my style.

Genn said...

Hi Nicole,
thank you for your nice comments tonight!
Those are some cute cards you shared. I always have the hardest time deciding which one to go with.
This year I made mine at Sam's for a great price! 100 cards for $15. Couldn't beat it.