Friday, December 9, 2011

Being a good wife and good mommy

 This is something I struggle with everyday. I know I am a good mommy and I know I am a good wife at times. I work full time from home and at times it can be very stressful and by the end of the day I am spent. I always have to lean on God to give me patience and the strength to be the wife I should be. My goal is to be both a good wife who is there for my husband and making sure I cover his needs and then being there for my kids and nurturing to them.
  I guess in a way it is about knowing my husband and my kids.
 My husbands needs are spending time with him and showing affection and being honest with him and just being happy for the blessings I have and not complain so much. Somedays I have such a stressful day that I oversee the blessings I do have.
  When I do these things, he is happier and able to love easier. If I show more love, he gives more love.

My kids needs are simple,but yet the hardest to fulfill. All they want is a mommy to play with them and listen to their heart and love them. I guess I focus to much on a clean house and getting things done insteading of fulfilling my childrens needs and not worrying about the other things. Those materialistic things will always be there,but my kids will not. One day they will tell me to go away and not want to play with me and snuggle with me and I need to enjoy that while I can because I will be crushed when it does happen.
 I need to focus more on every single moment with them and listen to their hearts more and sheperd them in a Godly manner.
  I need to slow down and enjoy what God has created for us and I need to thank him everyday for choosing me to the  mommy of 3 wonderful gifts and a man of God with passion and his desire to work hard everyday to provide for his family and yet still be a wonderful husband and daddy.

  Thank God for giving me these wonderful blessings.

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