Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas decorations

I thought I would post most of my decorations. I have seen it on so many blogs, I thought I would do it as well.
I hava about 4 wreaths up in the house. This one is hanging on the door to the basement.
lighted garlan on stairs. Like my Christmas card? waiting on more.
I have been addicted to pinterest lately and I love printable sayings. This is one I printed out.
I love to add things for the kids. It makes eating more exciting.
Love these towels. The santa belt came from Target and not sure where the boots towel came from.
so this is our tree,and please excuse the even garlan as my 14 month old cannot keep her hand off it! What is the point of redoing right now, Right?
Always a must
My fireplace has been like this for a couple years now. Ready for a change I think, but I like it so I may just keep it. Stockings came from pottery barn. I need to get our nameson them.(notice Jake our elf on the shelf)
my centerpiece. Trees came from the dollar tree and it is Epsom salt on the bottom. I wanted to add a little villiage in it,but when I went back to get them, they were gone. Hopefully they will get more in.
I love this big stocking.
My willow tree navity set. I looked all over a red cake stand,but could fine one I liked. Any ideas?

This is most of them, except for outside. I may post that later.
 I am in the process of making some decorations,but they might have to wait unti next year to go out. I might now finish in time.


Liz @ said...

find one and spray paint it!!! or, get a candlestick and glue a dish to the top and paint those. Goodwill, baby!!!

Amanda said...

Your stockings and hand towels are so cute!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the kitchen towels...those are too cute!