Thursday, December 8, 2011

A thankful jar

Last night I attended my MOPS group and we made thankful jars. We had the oppturnity to decorate them and write on them however we liked.
Starting Dec 1st.. or Nov 1st, however you would like to do.. at dinner each night or whatever time works best for you and on a strip of paper you write what you are thankful for and then when the jar is full you go back and read what everybody is thankful and then start over.
It is a way to realize how much you have and the blessings God has provided you and not take advantage of things so much. I cannot wait to get started.
Head over to Littlebirdiesecrets and they have a tutorial on one and  some examples and then she used hers for Garland on her Christmas tree.
 Get yours started soon.

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