Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ok my readers, I have noticed I have dropped 2 followers and really annoyed . I know I am not the best blogger but want to get better. Some of the blogs I follow have a ton of followers and have not been blogging to long. How do you keep followers and how do you come up with blog topics? I work full time from home and may not have a bunch of time to take pics and write but I want to grow my blog and so I need to make time. I had a giveaway and no one even responded at all. It kinda frustrates me. I would love some advice and ways to get and keep my followers.
I love comments and am getting better being a commenter myself. Maybe I just have to work a little bit on it but time can be a issue. Any ideas would be great.


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Sarah said...

People come and go, as irritating as that can be! I think some people delete their accounts or something, I don't know why else they would follow and then unfollow unless they really disagreed with something you said.

Anyway, have you checked out Voiceboks or SocialMoms? They both have blogging topics and Voiceboks has fabulous hop-sort-of things that push some good traffic and boost your comments!