Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tough Thursday,sick kids

Today has been rough. I hate when my kids are sick and I feel like I have no control over it. I hate to see my child throwing up and crying because her tummy hurts and she says "go away sickness" breaks my heart. The one advantage I have is I work from home so if I need to cuddle with them I can. I just do not know  how sickness can over take you sometimes and how it just happens over night and all you can do is pray for quick recovery and hope medicine can fix it.  I had one on Tuesday that had a stomach bug, one today with a stomach bug and then my son came home from school and said his throat hurt. strep it is. 4th time now. Kindergarten just kills us with so much sickness. Amoxocillian and mortin are our best friends right now,
   Hopefully this ends soon. January has been by far the worst month for sickness ever. Moving on to Feb.

 On a better note, I am in the process of putting some Valentines decorations out and making some. My kids love when I decorate for holidays, so that is why I do it. I will post as soon as  I have them finished. I was reading Melissa's blog and she posted about  iphone wallpaper for Valentines day. I had to do it and love it. She got the idea from  let's lasso the moon,

      Hope everybody is staying Healthy and check back tommorrow for InstaFriday

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Genn said...

Hi Nicole,
thanks so much for you kind words on my blog.
Looks like you too had a rough thursday!!
So sorry your kids have been so sick. I know, I hate how quick the germs fly when they are in school. my little one will start in the fall and i wish i could protect her from every sickness that looked at her!!!
hang in there. hope you stay well.