Wednesday, February 22, 2012



I am pretty behind in posting. It has been a crazy week! I feel like I am always saying that though which brings me to my thought.

I was just thinking some random thoughts and one of them is have you ever felt like when you go out with your kids, you never seem to have it all together? I look at the moms around me and wonder how they keep it together and how they look like they are never stressed and their kids are well behaved and not acting up.
When I go out I always pray my kids will act like the best children, when in fact, I am waiting for one of them to scream, cry , run or just something. I am always looking for those women(and men) who give you looks of , gosh lady, get your kids together and it would make me want to say something not nice and sometimes I want to say, they are not mine and I am babysitting,but then I feel guilty for even thinking that .
On the other side, I find myself thinking the same thing about a mom who will not discipline her child or I cannot believe her child looks likes that, but yet she looks fabulous. How many times is she going to say that to him when it is apparent he is not listening .

After realizing I was worried about the things that I was thinking myself about someone else, I decided I needed to be more understanding and not worry about what people are thinking or looking at moms and wondering how they seem so perfect and accept the fact that my kids are kids and they are not perfect. Yes, there will be moments where I just want to hide or leave my cart full of groceries because I need to leave out of embarrassment and then get in the car and cry,but one day they will not need me and I will miss the imperfections or the hairy situations that occur and accept the fact that I am doing the best that I can do and be happy with the time I have with my children. I will just look forward,keep my head up high and not look at anyone and just smile and be happy and give grace at the same time as I am needing it.

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