Friday, February 10, 2012


I tried to get better with picture taking. We had a semi busy week, so I tried to remember to take pics.
super hero and football player and star wars all  in one.
Big Girl coloring
we did a project with all these colors
Football player wanabe
Thanks to pinterest, valentines are finished
my goofy girl waiting for her brother at the bus stop
tedious work, peeling crayons
love it> my son loves stars wars and his favorite super hero is the hulk. I have to find this to hang up in his room.
waiting for brother
Friday hangout, watching American Idol
Phone wallpaper, love chevron
Cadence's valentines finished
I am linking up with Jeanette at Life rearranged for InstaFriday.

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Holly said...

Wow I love your iPhone's wallpaper! Where is that from!? :)