Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy Friday everyone. Not sure about you, but I am ready for the weekend. I am linking up with Jeanette for another instafriday.
march photo challenge is coming to an end,but April is up and ready to go.
Day 23 moon
day 24 an animal(look at the little face)
day 25 breakfast
day 26 key
day 27 name( i love when a package with my name on it is on the front porch)
day 28 trash
day 29 feet
day 30 toy
we took a a stoll in the park and I love seeing little girls shawdows.
we had a blast making a fun design on eggs with colored shaving cream

have a great weekend everybody!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

I hope everybody is having a great Tuesday.
 I want to share something with you. I am not want to advertise myself,but I am today, I am so thankful for my thirty one business. When I signed up, I just wanted the 25% off all the products and the kit I loved. The kit you get is yours and you can have 1 party a month or 4 a month,but the kit is yours to keep and use in however you want to,but my business has been more. I have had monthly averages of 700-to 1000 or more. I never imagined this at all. There was a montly incentive that if I had a personal volume of 1000 or more, the CEO of the company would send out a free gift of over a $100 in products.  I was so excited to get this in the mail. Let me tell you what was in it. The rolling tote,(only a hostess exclusive), a flat iron case, the lotsa dots cinch up lunch tote and a mini zipper pouch. I was uber excited to see it all. Great to use at my parties and for trips this summer.
  Thirty one is such a fabulous company to work for and are constantly giving incentives for consultants. They have some of the best hostess benefits. I have worked for one other company, and by far thirty one has been the best.
    I would love to share this with other people and see them benefit from the greatness of working for this company. Who loves a discount? I love the products and  am greatful I have the oppurtunity to share them with women in a house setting and have a great time visiting with each other.
  The special for April is.. spend $31 and get ANY purse for half off. what a deal.
  I am so greatful for God and the blessings he has showen me with Thirty one. I have met such great people and continue to meet them. I am thankful for such a wonderful christian based company the is based on proverbs 31 "the virtual woman"
   I just wanted to share a little of this with you and if you have not checked out the all the great products youi need to now.
                 Here is the picture of the rolling tote I got for free. The kit is fabulous as well.

Have  a great Tuesday.  


Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday rambalilng

Hello all,

I hope everybody had a super weekend. We finally had a weekend that we were not rushing around trying to fit everything in. Of course I fogot to take pictures of the things we did do/. Arrgggg.
  Last week was spring break and it was so hard getting up at normal time and getting the kids out the door on time. I did not miss that in the mornings. It was raining all last week and now that it is back to work time, of course it is sunny and so nice out!
  I had several friends go and see hunger games. They all loved it! I am not much of a reader and usually just see the movies( I know, I should not do that). Is there anything different in the movie,than in the book?
 Hopefully I will see the movie, or start reading the books soon! Did anybody see it this weekend? We did go the park yesterday and we took a walk in the trail. Remembered to take a couple pictures there.
Hope everybody had a super weekend and a great Monday!
  One thing that I am really annoyed with is that I paid 1.02 for 1 green pepper. It's killing the budget to eat healthy. I am thinking about growing blueberries and tomatoes . Anybody ever grown blueberries? Got any tips for me? I hate grocery shopping.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Welcome to another instafriday. I am linking up with Jeannette.
I included march photo a day pictures as well. Hope everybody has a great weekend . It was spring break this week here so back to the grind on Monday and the countdown to summer break!
I love app draw something! I am playing with 4 of my friends. I am not the artist at all, so it is very funny to see my drawings for the simplest things!
Day 18 corner of the house( love the man sitting in the corner of the couch)
Day 19 funny... love these sayings
day 20 before and after( baked fruit and oatmeal casserole) it was so yummy
day 21 delcious( missed this day somehow)
day 22 kitchen sink (with no dishes in it) miracle
all shades of green helping daddy with mulch
I love finding random pictures in my album> doll house fun
I love the days when you walk into a store not really looking for anything and then you find something that will make your childs day! Kendric is a huge hulk fan and shoes with the hulk on them are a rare find! I was praying they were his size, they were and a only a $1.00 at a consignment store. even better

helping with dinner in her bathing suit
another random photo
my nephew.... love when I get these  pictures from my sister. Will not see him until June so every picture is a gift

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Instagram Friday

Hello there. What's up peeps? I am so glad it is Friday!! I love instafriday because I love looking at all th pictures and reading new blogs and that it is Friday. I am linking up with Jeanette for another InstaFriday. I added my march photo a day challenge pictures again. Have a great Friday!!
someone I talked to do today  Day 11
We painted frogs with these e things. It was a shiny masterpiece

day  9 red

I love this saying via pinterest. so very true.

I can eat her up sometimes, and then other days she will push meto the limit

homwork time,even for the 18month old

 day 15 car... I wish this was a van,but no car payment is fabulous
I love friends who suprise you with such wonderful yummy treats
he is the best big brother @petsmart... cheap entertainment
clouds day 14
day 10  loud. wrestling with daddy... very loud
The drama queen is so into skirts and dresses and princess crowns,but yet she was so obsessed over this worm.
cannot ever have to many sunglasses... day 16
I hope everybody has a super week and have a super weekend. I am on spring break next week and of course it is suppose to rain all week of course. Hopefully I can find something to keep  us all entertained. wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a super day. I have to say I am loving the weather. I hope it is an early spring arrival. I am so thankful for blue skies and flowers blooming and the grass getting greener. I am so thankful for God providing such a wonderful day and week. It is so great to be able to take the kids out and play and enjoy shadow watching and wagon rides.
  Our house is located across from a big pond,creek and the frogs and singing oh so joyfully and I LOVE IT!!! animals are starting to wake up and frog eggs are hatching. I just love this time of year. I am so happy for sandal and flipflop weather.
  Hope it is nice where you are at!

                         "All things were made by him;and without him not any thing made that was made."

                                                           John 1:3

Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Friday everybody! I am linking up with Jeantte for instafriday again. I added March photo a day pictures. Day 5 smile ( love the smile this girl gives me all the time) Day 4 bedside day 3 your neighborhood  day 8 window. This window I love but hardly gets cleaned because it is so high.

I love the cuddle time I get with Kaelis.
Fun sister time
Wagon time with friends
P;aydough fun with fruit loops and dry spagehetti
My book wreath . of course I got the idea from pinterest. I fixed that loose peice you see in the picture. Didn't think I would just leave it like that> right?

Day 1 up(the sun)
Day 2 fruit (blueberries are one of our favorite fruits to eat, I think we are going to go blueberry picking so I freeze them, since winter months are so expensive for blueberries)
Day3 neighborhood( I love our culedsac)
Day 7 Something you wore,( my running shoes)
day 6 (5pm) well I missed this by an hour and 5 mins, but I know it was 5pm somewhere.

Not sure why i put the days out of order,so sorry you cannt match up the pics with the days.
 Hope everybody has a good friday.
We do not have much going on this weekend. I think we will just enjoy a nonbusy weekend! what are your plans?

xoxo Nicole

Friday, March 2, 2012


I am linking up with Jeannette for instafriday.
My nephew was born last Friday. Wow he is a week old today. I love that handsome hat on him. I
I love Sat mornings because we just hang out and watch some cartoons and just relax for a bit before we tackle our list of things to do. The kids love to play games with the family and this night was Jenga.
I cannot believe how many days we were able to play outside in Feb.
I love that red vaccum is real and she was actually picking things up. Do not call DFS on me.
I love that K will just pick up a book and "read" it.
 Watch out ladies,my boy is after you.
We celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday by making cat in the hat treats.

Happy Friday and hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb photo a day challenge

I love doing these photo of the days. It is an excuse to take pictures of things I would normally not take pictures of. Hope there is one for March.