Friday, March 9, 2012


Happy Friday everybody! I am linking up with Jeantte for instafriday again. I added March photo a day pictures. Day 5 smile ( love the smile this girl gives me all the time) Day 4 bedside day 3 your neighborhood  day 8 window. This window I love but hardly gets cleaned because it is so high.

I love the cuddle time I get with Kaelis.
Fun sister time
Wagon time with friends
P;aydough fun with fruit loops and dry spagehetti
My book wreath . of course I got the idea from pinterest. I fixed that loose peice you see in the picture. Didn't think I would just leave it like that> right?

Day 1 up(the sun)
Day 2 fruit (blueberries are one of our favorite fruits to eat, I think we are going to go blueberry picking so I freeze them, since winter months are so expensive for blueberries)
Day3 neighborhood( I love our culedsac)
Day 7 Something you wore,( my running shoes)
day 6 (5pm) well I missed this by an hour and 5 mins, but I know it was 5pm somewhere.

Not sure why i put the days out of order,so sorry you cannt match up the pics with the days.
 Hope everybody has a good friday.
We do not have much going on this weekend. I think we will just enjoy a nonbusy weekend! what are your plans?

xoxo Nicole


Lani @ Its My Life said...

Great pictures! would love to have you link up at my first ever link party today!

Holly said...

I love your book wreath! Was it very difficult to make?