Friday, March 23, 2012


Welcome to another instafriday. I am linking up with Jeannette.
I included march photo a day pictures as well. Hope everybody has a great weekend . It was spring break this week here so back to the grind on Monday and the countdown to summer break!
I love app draw something! I am playing with 4 of my friends. I am not the artist at all, so it is very funny to see my drawings for the simplest things!
Day 18 corner of the house( love the man sitting in the corner of the couch)
Day 19 funny... love these sayings
day 20 before and after( baked fruit and oatmeal casserole) it was so yummy
day 21 delcious( missed this day somehow)
day 22 kitchen sink (with no dishes in it) miracle
all shades of green helping daddy with mulch
I love finding random pictures in my album> doll house fun
I love the days when you walk into a store not really looking for anything and then you find something that will make your childs day! Kendric is a huge hulk fan and shoes with the hulk on them are a rare find! I was praying they were his size, they were and a only a $1.00 at a consignment store. even better

helping with dinner in her bathing suit
another random photo
my nephew.... love when I get these  pictures from my sister. Will not see him until June so every picture is a gift

Have a great weekend everyone!


Marla said...

My girls (ages 4 and 2) are in a kick right now where they play 'swimming' and so they have their swimsuits on a lot! I have lots of pictures of my girls doing things in their swimsuits just like you! ;)

Chance said...

I love Draw Something and the vintage pics with sarcastic sayings! And babies melt my heart!

Stitchingmum said...

I'm with you on finding random pics, gotta love what the kids get up to!!!