Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday rambalilng

Hello all,

I hope everybody had a super weekend. We finally had a weekend that we were not rushing around trying to fit everything in. Of course I fogot to take pictures of the things we did do/. Arrgggg.
  Last week was spring break and it was so hard getting up at normal time and getting the kids out the door on time. I did not miss that in the mornings. It was raining all last week and now that it is back to work time, of course it is sunny and so nice out!
  I had several friends go and see hunger games. They all loved it! I am not much of a reader and usually just see the movies( I know, I should not do that). Is there anything different in the movie,than in the book?
 Hopefully I will see the movie, or start reading the books soon! Did anybody see it this weekend? We did go the park yesterday and we took a walk in the trail. Remembered to take a couple pictures there.
Hope everybody had a super weekend and a great Monday!
  One thing that I am really annoyed with is that I paid 1.02 for 1 green pepper. It's killing the budget to eat healthy. I am thinking about growing blueberries and tomatoes . Anybody ever grown blueberries? Got any tips for me? I hate grocery shopping.

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Rachael said...

I don't know about the US but in England it's generally cheaper to buy fruit and veg from a market. Could you share an allotment space with somebody?Rx