Friday, April 6, 2012


Happy Friday! I am linking up with Jeanette again for instafriday. I have include photo a day for april. It seems to work for me. Thanks for stopping by.
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Lunch time at planet sub

It was a rainy day and I needed something fun to make. Silly puddy is so much fun.

I have a pulled a tendon and have tendinitis in my knee and i do not want to stop running so I am hoping icing does the trick.

I always enjoy my bible time. engerizes me.

Day 3 mail

Day 1 self portrait.

Day 4 somebody that makes me happy.

Our chicks we made laid an egg.

                                                     bubble time

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The mum of all trades said...

You have the most photogenic children! Just found your blog through following you on Instagram and I'm really enjoying your posts.

julie said...

i'm curious how you made putty. your daughters are super cute!!