Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K5 program review

I had the opportunity to review a program called k5 learning. I know I do and I am sure many others struggle with teaching your own kids math and letter sounds and the kids cooperating for you. I know that I am always thinking of fun and creative ways. When I mention to my kids about playing a computer game, they jump right on it. Even if it is about letters, math or writing, they have fun because it does not seem like learning.
K5 learning has many options to choose from.
K5 Learning (www.k5learning.com) is an online reading and math program for kids from kindergarten through grade 5. There intent is to help kids build reading, math and study skills through independent study. K5 is designed for home use and can be used for after-school, weekend and summertime supplemental study or in conjunction with a homeschooling program.
How it Works
Kids complete an online assessment of 8 key reading and math skills, and then work independently at their own pace through over 3,000 online lessons and activities. The lessons are animated, interactive and simple enough that a 4-5 year old can use them independently. They automatically choose lessons for students (based on their assessment and past lessons), track student progress and provide reports for parents.

The K5 program includes:
 free online assessments of each child’s math and reading skills,
 award-winning, curricula based reading and math content,
 over 3,000 online multimedia activities, personalized for each child based on his or her
 a highly structured environment which allows the student to proceed through the lessons
in a logical fashion at his own pace,
 ease of use which allows even 4 or 5 year olds to work independently,
 attention to child safety with no external links, advertisements, chat or similar,
 comprehensive reporting to parents,
 24/7 availability and no downloads
I had my kindergartner try the program. He had a really great time with it. He did really well,but some things presented a challenge for him,which he needed. I feel that He could do everything on this program that he learns in school. I had him try some 1st grade lessons and he caught on quickly.
This program is perfect for homeschooling and summer learning. Sometimes in the summer kids quickly forget things they learned and this program keeps learning fun and keeps the learning process going. I would highly recommend this site for those kids that have a late birthday and miss the kindergarten cutoff date. K5 learning would teach them what they needed to know to enter kindergarten . My 4 year old even had fun with the programs. There were some letters she did not recognize, but after doing the program she can now recognize the letters with no problem!

Website: http://www.k5learning.com

Location:Kingbird Ln,Liberty,United States

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