Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thirty one Thursday

Like I have said in the past, I am not one to go on about being a Thirty one consultant,but I have to let you know about some things that I am very excited about it.
  They have a awsome oppurtunity for new consultants. Starting April 16th, they have 2 kit options to choose from. It is only $99 and  i got that money back when I had my first party, it would be great if $99 could change your life forever. There is also a rebate incentive now as well. When you reach $1000 in Personal Volume you wil get a rebate check for the $99 and your commission could be $250 or more. That could be fun money, cc payment money, etc... I never knew when I signed up where it would take me.I had a party that was over $1000 and my commision was 25% of that. What would you do with the extra money? Take the plunge, you will not be sorry!

  They  also have a great customer special. For every $31 you spend you get  a purse(any) for 1/2 off> great deal. This company offers the best booking bonus and customer specials> I am so excited to share the great things this company is offering.   You can go right to my website and look at all the incrediable products.
There is a new catalog and new fabrics coming soon! so excited.
Have a great Thursday!
                                                  xo,  Nicole

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