Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello everyone. I am linking up with Jeanette again for another instaFriday.

Family picture time. We were so overdue for some pictures. I cannot wait to see the rest!


Obviously the Avengers movie comes out this weekend and Target is advertising for it. We are big hulk fans and the kids loved the decorations at target/ I am going to see if I can buy that wall hanging from them!

Serioulsy, I see my future as a mom to this teenager someday. It is coming too soon.

I love getting her up in the morning. It is such a happy greeting. It is always followed by a " Hi Mommy"

Love the creativity of little minds

Random pictures taken by my daughter.

I love swedish fish. I ate this whole bag. yep, i did. Did I feel sick, yep I did,but it was worth it and I would do it again!

Found Washi tape at target. I love this tape. LOVE IT! What ideas do you do with this. I would love to hear.

Cadence is celebrating her birthday at preschool because she has a summer birthday. I used the tape to hold decorate the celephane wrap.

Another random picture,

Have a great weekend!

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