Friday, May 18, 2012


Happy Friday everyone! I am linking up with Jeanette for another instafriday.

I guess the last day of school really wore her out.

Mothers day breakfast

I love the truth of a child and their no sense of age. Glad I still look like I am 10! I hardly make chocolate cake so it was funny she put that.

-Graduation walk.

Post graduation

My summer purse from 31. Love it

I was cracking up because she so wanted to hold brothers bag on the way home from bus stop.

June special. Get em while you can.

I love this weather app swakett.

Kendric's first love letter. He was so embarrassed when I asked who it was from. He finally caved and told me. Ada boy!!

I found these nana and papa shirts at old navy and had to get them because the kids call my parents nana and papa.

I love this sign.

Always posing and asks me to take pictures.

Of all the things to be attached to, she chose her big comforter from her crib. Really, the thing is huge.

She decided to lay it down on the garage floor and take a siesta( a 30 second one) now the blanket is all dirty. I guess I could have said no to taking outside, but then I would have to listen to her scream. Not sure which is better.

Hanging out with a neighbor . Kaelis's hair at end of day. Crazy!!

Have a great weekend!


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