Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

So as I was sitting and thinking how close Mother's dayis, I realized I had not sent my mom a card yet. I do every year and could not stop now. I was not ready to load all 3 kiddos up to justget a card and I knew I would be rushing to get out, so I was brainstorming ideas on how this was going to get done I then remembered that the app Red Stamp has a way to upload a picture onto a card and then they will send it out for you just for a $1.99 a card. Cannot beat that. My husband said it wasnot very personal and a hand written card is better. not sure , my mom will love getting a picture of our family . I am thankful for technology and saving me a trip to the store for just a card. So, do you think this a neat idea or do you think buying a card and writing something in it and putting a stamp on it is better? I would love to hear !
I am also linking up with a night owl for instagram blog hope Have a great Tuesday .

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